Business Agility

A Public Business Agility Literature Review

Business Agility

Agile Operations (OPS) Practices

Agility and responsiveness of supply chain and operations management have become paramount for organizations seeking to maintain a competitive edge. This necessity has ushered in a transformative approach to managing supply chains and operations, emphasizing the importance of streamlining value delivery, enhancing quality, fostering collaboration, and centering on customer satisfaction. The following thematic practices offer […]

Agile Finance Implementation Blockchain

Integrating Blockchain into Agile Finance Contracts Based on Observed Applications of Blockchain by the Big Four Accounting Firms (Zhang et al., 2020) we summarize the Practices and elaborate on how Agile Finance Resources could implement New Technology like Blockchain in their Operations. Big Four accounting firms use blockchain in different ways Deloitte: They have labs […]

Agile Finance Practices by Theme

Complementing the concept of Extragility (Hormaza Dow, 2022), below we outline a description of Agile Finance Practices organized around key themes such as Planning and Adaptability, Continuous Improvement, Collaboration and Communication, Automation and Efficiency, Agile Documentation and Estimation, Prioritization and Decision-Making, Continuous Delivery and Releases, Team Organization and Dynamics, Stakeholder Engagement, Code and Configuration Management, […]

Business Agility Japan

Agile Marketing in Japan Literature Review and Body of Knowledge on Agile Marketing from Japan is under Development – Topics: Agile marketing, digital transformation アジャイル マーケティング. Agile Marketing World: Japanese Universities Literature Review of Marketing Agility in Japanese Universities and Researchers in Japan. Agile Marketing Related Research in Japan Japan Universities 2021 Hitotsubashi University, Japan […]

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