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Business Agility: On the Shoulders of Giants and Giantesses

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Welcome to the Home of Academics in Business Agility Education and Research! This is my personal Blog, my name is Thomas Hormaza Dow. Although the name of this is the Home of Business Agility Education, I call this open literature review Blog “On the Shoulders of Giants and Giantesses” as that title came to me after reading the work of Robert K. Merton and, of course, the foreword by Umberto Eco. It serves as my reminder and duty to recognize “Everything of importance has been said before by somebody who did not discover it.” – Alfred North Whitehead.

IntrAgility, InterAgility and ExtrAgility is an Educational Self-Reflection for Business Agility Beyond T-Shapes Agile Skills

Small clarification between M-Skills and π-Shaped Skills

We chose to include M-Skills instead of π because isn’t t=2π anyway, right? Not to mention that π is not N nor M in Greek, π is a P! Think about it, P Skills does not have the same ring to it when you look at it that way, would you not agree? 😃

Business Agility Skills Development is a Continuum – Effectiveness depends on Context!

business agility personal agility i-shaped skills

Personal Agility is an I-Shaped Skill, our Mindset, Emotional Intelligence, Interpersonal Skills, Introspection. Agility of this type is about our Way of Working, our Tasks, Tests and Learning.

business agility intragility t-shaped skills
Business IntrAgility

IntrAgility is a T-Shaped Skill, from inside out, effective in Departments (e.g., Agile Marketing, Agile HR, Agile Finance) but can be restrained if it is applied solely within one Sub-Function.

business agility interagility m-shaped skills
Business InterAgility

InterAgility is a M-Shaped Skill, visually describing a shape defined by General + Specialized Skills but extending into more than one Business Sub-Function.

business agility extragility (phi) Φ-shaped skills
Business ExtrAgility

ExtrAgility is a (phi) Φ-Shaped Skill, a holistic view and encompasses aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

IntrAgility, InterAgility and ExtrAgility Sources

Hormaza Dow, T. (2022, April). Comparative website structural study and proposal of intragility, interagility and extragility as contextual framework to guide an adaptive business agility path [MBA Project]. Laval University, Faculty of Business Administration (FSA) Quebec, Canada.

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