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Agile Marketing in Finland

The Literature Review and contributions to the Body of Knowledge on Agile Marketing from Finland is under Development – Topics: Agile marketing finland ketterä markkinointi.

Agile Marketing World: Finnish Universities

Literature Review of Marketing Agility in Finnish Universities and Researchers in Finland embracing or expressing the Agile Marketing Manifesto Values: “Löydämme parempia tapoja tuottaa arvoa asiakkaillemme ja organisaatioillemme tekemällä markkinointia uusilla tavoilla” –

Agile Marketing Related Research in Finland

Finnish Universities: Growth Hacking

Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, Finland

Marko Mäki and Tuija Toivola


“eCom needs strategies for its mode of operations, together with agile marketing tactics and actions in selected markets”

Mäki, M., & Toivola, T. 2021. Global Market Entry for Finnish SME eCommerce Companies. Technology Innovation Management Review, 11(1): 11-21.

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