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A Public Business Agility Literature Review

Business Agility Japan

Business Agility Japan

Agile Marketing in Japan

Literature Review and Body of Knowledge on Agile Marketing from Japan is under Development – Topics: Agile marketing, digital transformation アジャイル マーケティング.

Agile Marketing World: Japanese Universities

Literature Review of Marketing Agility in Japanese Universities and Researchers in Japan.

Agile Marketing Related Research in Japan

Japan Universities


Hitotsubashi University, Japan

Tagui Ichikawa

Digital transformation from the perspective of innovation theory (DX) [in Japanese]

Discusses the history and concept of DX, the digital transformation of society.

Ichikawa, Tagui. Hitotsubashi University. (2021). Digital Transformation from the Viewpoint of Innovation Theory (DX) (No. 21-02). Institute of Innovation Research, Hitotsubashi University.

Fukuoka Jo Gakuin University, Japan

Exploratory Approach to L’Oréal’s Digital Transformation Strategy: Focusing on Data Utilization Initiatives in Collaboration with External Companies [in Japanese]

Park 2021. L’Oréal’s exploratory approach to digital transformation strategy: focusing on data utilization efforts in collaboration with external companies. Fukuoka Jo Gakuin University bulletin. Faculty of International Career Development7 , 111-157.


Kobe Gakuin University, Japan

Toshimi Aishima

Yoshinobu Sato

Hironobu Yukawa

Excerpt: “convergence or co-occurrence of plan and implementation, which was shown as the first essential definition of improvisation, will increase in importance in the VUCA world. It is because under VUCA, agility becomes critical”

Characteristics of Japanese Style Improvisation in Business

Aishima, T., Sato, Y., & Yukawa, H. (2020). Characteristics of Japanese Style Improvisation in Business. Kobe Gakuin University Business Administration Theory17 (1), 19-40.

Photo Credit: Toshihiro Oimatsu from Tokyo, Japan

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Business Agility Japan
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