Business Agility

A Public Business Agility Literature Review

Agile UX

Agile User Experience (UX) Practices

The integration of ExtrAgility into UX and Agile frameworks signifies a paradigm shift toward more responsible and conscious design. It challenges UX professionals to leverage their skills in service of not just business objectives and user satisfaction, but also the greater good, aligning product development with the urgent need for sustainable and ethical innovation. This […]

Top 10 list for UX Website Creation

Step-by-Step Tips to Website Creation 1. Identify Business Requirements: Define Objectives: Clearly articulate the specific goals the business aims to achieve through the website. Establish KPIs: Identify key performance indicators that will be used to measure the success of the website. 2. Conduct User Research: Define Target Audience: Develop detailed user personas based on demographic […]

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