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Business Agility Italy

Business Agility Italy

Agile Marketing in Italy

Agile Marketing World: Italian Universities – Cagliari & Pavia

University of Cagliari (Università degli Studi di Cagliari)

Ludovica Moi & Francesca Cabiddu


In this Agile Marketing Capability Case Study of Spotahome, Dr Moi & Dr Cabiddu use Qualitative Research Methods to identify Key Dimensions and Guidelines facilitating Digital Transformation.

Moi, Ludovica & Cabiddu, Francesca. (2020). Leading digital transformation through an Agile Marketing Capability: the case of Spotahome. Journal of Management and Governance. 1-33. 10.1007/s10997-020-09534-w


Moi, Ludovica & Cabiddu, Francesca. (2019). Riding Digital Transformation in International Context: The Agile Marketing Capability. Academy of Management Proceedings.


Ludovica Moi, Francesca Cabiddu & Moreno Frau

Moi, Ludovica & Cabiddu, Francesca & Frau, Moreno. (2019). Towards the Development of an Agile Marketing Capability.


Moi, Ludovica & Cabiddu, Francesca & Frau, Moreno. (2018). CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK FOR MODELING THE AGILE MARKETING CAPABILITY. Global Fashion Management Conference. 2018. 71-90.


Moi, Ludovica & Cabiddu, Francesca & Frau, Moreno. (2017). Leveraging on IT and dynamic marketing capabilities to develop an agile marketing capability.

Research Gate

University of Pavia

Birgit Hagen

Birgit Hagen (Pavia), Antonella Zucchella (Pavia) & Pervez Nasim Ghauri (University of Birmingham)

Hagen, Birgit & Zucchella, Antonella & Ghauri, Pervez. (2018). From fragile to agile: marketing as a key driver of entrepreneurial internationalization. International Marketing Review.


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