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A Public Business Agility Literature Review

Business Agility Ireland

Business Agility Ireland

Agile Marketing in Ireland

The Literature Review and contributions to the Body of Knowledge on Agile Marketing from Ireland is under Development.

Agile Marketing World: Irish Universities

Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Advances in Marketing Theory and Practice

This course covers relevant Theoretical and Historical aspects of Marketing, including Current Trends such as Agile Marketing

Related Agile Research Topics

Agile Marketing for Agile HR & Agile HR for Agile Marketing

Dublin City University, Ireland

Brian Harney & David G. Collings


Dr Harney and Dr Collings begin with a powerful Metacognitive trigger through the presentation of a Poem (Ridge, Lola. “The Destroyer”) to cleverly capture the reader’s attention and set a base of comparison for changes occurring in HR landscape and responsiveness required in HR.

Citations: (McMackin & Heffernan, 2020), (Hewett & Shantz, 2021)

Harney, B., & Collings, D. G. (2021). Navigating the shifting landscapes of HRM Human Resource Management Review

John McMackin & Margaret Heffernan


Dr McMackin & Dr Heffernan provide us with important distinctions between HR for Agile and Agile for HR.

McMackin, J., & Heffernan, M. (2020). Agile for hr: Fine in practice, but will it work in theory? Human Resource Management Review

Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Amanda Shantz (and Rebecca Hewett)

Dr Shantz together with Dr Rebecca Hewett (Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, Netherlands) expertly detail the Benefits of considering HR and Stakeholder Co-Creation.

Hewett, R. & Shantz, A. (2021). A theory of HR co-creation Human Resource Management Review

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